Frequently asked questions

Our FAQs contain the most frequently asked questions in relation to plan selection and our partner programme. If you have another question in mind, please contact us directly.

How does billing work?

Billing couldn’t be easier. Monthly payments are collected by credit card. We will send you an invoice for your subscription on the 1st of every month. Payments will be processed on the 8th of the month. All costs are collected in RM.

How do I know which partner programme is right for me?

KeyPay is designed to suit the needs of Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs), Accountants, and technology integration partners who may want to provide an integrated payroll solution to their customers. If you have another licensing setup in mind, our sales team would be happy to explore options at

Is it easy to switch plans for clients?

Yes. Each of your clients may have different requirements so plans can easily be upgraded or downgraded at the business level (or against each client individually) within the subscription settings in KeyPay.

How does partner pricing work?

Our pricing model is designed to support your business growth. Get in touch for more details.

Can KeyPay provide implementations or training for partners?

KeyPay provides an upfront investment of time to ensure our partners are confident when using and supporting the payroll system. Application training is provided at a per-service charge.

I’m an employer. Can I use KeyPay?

KeyPay is available via our payroll provider partners who can also provide training and implementations. Find out more about outsourcing your payroll or using the services of our payroll partners, and improving your efficiencies.