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Aug 2021

Achieving excellence with cloud based payroll software

Aiden Liew, Founder and CEO of Right House Solutions Sdn Bhd

Right House Solutions Sdn Bhd is a payroll outsourcing firm that focuses on providing payroll outsourcing services to Malaysian companies ranging from startups, to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs).

As one of the leading payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia, Right House currently has a wide range of clients from medical clinics, to education institutions, retail, manufacturing, international representative offices and more. 

We speak with Founder and CEO - Aiden Liew, on what sets Right House Solutions apart and his thoughts on cloud based payroll systems.

What sets Right House Solutions apart from other outsourcing companies? 

Clients can be assured that we’re equipped with a reliable payroll platform that enables us to deliver a smooth and seamless payroll service every single time. We also always aim to be productive in our processes and do not want to spend time on manual tasks. 

What features do you look for when assessing a payroll software?

Right House’s vision and mission is to support Malaysia startups and SMEs. Hence for us, we pay particular attention to the software’s capability to handle Malaysia payroll compliance correctly. On top of that, we also steer clear of software that requires a high amount of manual intervention, such as Excel spreadsheets. As they can hinder productivity and can create space for human errors to occur. 

What are your thoughts on cloud based payroll software?

Cloud based payroll software makes things easy for everyone. With a cloud based payroll software your clients and your team can login and churn out reports from anywhere. Keeping a physical desktop server and maintaining it, to me, is a “yesterday” kind of approach that prevents a company from being adaptable and resilient to an ever changing market.

If you want to ensure continual growth for any business, you have to constantly evolve and improve. That is also one of the key traits I look for when exploring payroll software solutions to use for my firm. Can this payroll software keep up with the needs of a constantly changing world? For example, there are companies I know of who are experimenting with artificial intelligence. At the end of the day, as a BPO provider, I want to be able to confidently provide assurance to my clients that we’re always looking ahead at how we will continue to add value to their business.

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