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Experience all in one payroll with KeyPay

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Effortless compliance

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    Payroll deadline reminders
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    Comprehensive reporting suite: CP39, SOCSO, EIS and EPF files + E, EA and PCB2 forms
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    Report new and terminated employees to respective government bodies
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Simplified client management

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    Cloud record keeping
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    Unlimited clients
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    Partner dashboard
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Save time

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    Automated pay runs
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    Automated PCB (monthly tax deductions) calculations
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    Automated report distribution
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Streamline workflow

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    Employee self service tools
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    Leave management
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    Expense claims management
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    WorkZone mobile app
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    Online timesheets
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    Time & attendance kiosk

trusted by 750+ global partners

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Why customers love using KeyPay

KeyPay reduces our workload, improves payroll processes, positively impacts our bottom line, and makes it easier for my staff to process the pay run.

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Payroll HQ
Cloud-based payroll company

Our clients have confidence that we’re processing payroll in accordance with the legislative framework and we’re going to get it right.

Daniel James - EPG

EPG Payroll & HR
Payroll, HR & Workforce Management services Provider