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Alltech Outsourced Solutions

“Since switching over to KeyPay, we haven’t increased the time to service a client, we’ve actually reduced it.”

Alltech Outsourced Solutions

Alltech is an Australia based outsourced payroll company with New Zealand clients that focuses on providing a personalised payroll service to businesses with varying payroll needs. With 4 employees, Alltech focuses on time-saving efficiencies to service their diverse and growing client base.


New South Wales, Australia

Payroll Bureau

Alltech made the switch over to KeyPay as they recognised it was going to be a better solution for their business needs in the long run. Since using KeyPay, their processes have become more streamlined. With the time taken to service each client reduced, Alltech’s business has continually grown from strength to strength.

Stephen Scullion, Alltech Payroll Director shares his experience of using KeyPay:

How KeyPay helped

The transition to KeyPay

“Everybody’s been responsive and adaptive to the change of systems. KeyPay is not only user friendly for our staff, it’s also easy for our staff to explain its usability to our clients so they can benefit from it too.

For instance, the help section that is built within the system, the support articles, and “how-to” videos are of great help to our staff. The key word I keep coming back to is: simplicity - simplicity for everybody. From passing information across to clients and back throughout our team, the simplicity of things makes everyone’s lives a lot easier. We’re saving so much more time, it’s more efficient and as a result of this, we’re in the process of putting on more clients because we’ve got the availability to do it.”

Helping business grow

“Since switching over to KeyPay, we haven’t increased the time to service a client, we’ve actually reduced it. 

With the time saved, we’ve been able to go back and review any processes that we have with our clients to ensure everything is working smoothly. It also gives us more time to try and source more business. We’ve also got more time to evaluate the systems we’re utilising so that if we happen to get an abundance of new work we can handle it in a way that allows us to continually move forward as a business.”

Payday filing feature

“Our client that utilises the payday filing feature loves it. Because they can actually log in to the IRD themselves and see that we’ve lodged it. It’s all taken care of, it saves our client from doing an additional piece of work because it’s all automated and it just makes everybody’s life easier.” 

Automated leave calculations feature 

“This feature works great! We’re able to do screenshots and show clients how the calculations work out when people apply for leave. Or when somebody ceases employment, giving them a screenshot of how their final pay was worked out is very useful as well. KeyPay is just very easy to use and the system is descriptive, providing clients with insight to how figures are calculated.” 

Advice to other New Zealand bureaus who might be considering KeyPay

“Simply get on! There might be similar products out there but as far as ease of use of the system and the support you receive from KeyPay, I don’t think you can go and look anywhere else to find what you need. 

Ever since we’ve moved over to KeyPay, they have given us great support and it’s growing our business. KeyPay has also allowed us to have a higher retention rate on our existing customers, they’re all locked in because everything is all happening for them in an efficient and proper manner.”

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