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PPC Moulding Services

The ownership of data has been shifted to the staff.

PPC Moulding Services

PPC Moulding Services is a precision plastic injection moulder based in Western Sydney, NSW.


Sydney, Australia



PPC Moulding Services is a precision plastic injection moulder based in Western Sydney, NSW. Growing from 20 to 260 staff since 2007, they’ve recently also expanded into Malaysia. With this quick growth, the HR and Finance teams were looking for an all-encompassing payroll system with modern time and attendance capabilities, award interpretation, and the ability to scale with the business.

Previous payroll systems

The team were initially using an old system of paper cards for clocking in and out. With the amount of people using the system, it would take up to an hour to run the paper cards through the bundy clock and another 2-3 hours to manually check the clock’s calculations, and input the data. They then changed over to another system where they used fob keys, but soon outgrew this too. “We still had to manually go through all of the hours worked, calculate pay, fix errors and chase people up if they had forgotten to clock in and out” said Chloe Aston, Finance Manager.

Prior to KeyPay, staff requests would consume “anywhere up to 5 hours a week” of Chloe’s time. Requests for leave were a frustrating process with multiple steps including collecting forms, verifying leave balances, email confirmations and manually processing the leave.

PPC Moulding Services’ previous system required a lot of manual calculations. “We used to have a lot of errors”, said Chloe, who strived to find a reliable system that would automate pay condition calculations.

How KeyPay helped

Time and attendance: Clock Me In

KeyPay’s time and attendance app Clock Me In gave visibility of timesheets allowing the HR and payroll team – and supervisors – to see time worked by employees and whether staff may have forgotten to clock in or out.

Eliminating the need to check data and chase staff, payroll went from being a day long process a week to a couple of hours. What’s more, the team no longer had to use physical keys, so there was no risk of loss or costs for replacing any hardware, which was a growing expense for the 250+ employee team.

Employee Self Service

Moving to KeyPay’s comprehensive cloud system, employees now have access to an employee self service portal online or via their mobile, meaning requests for information have been completely eliminated. “The ownership of data has been shifted to the staff” said Chloe.

Pay conditions automation

KeyPay’s automated pay conditions engine allows all pay calculations to be automatically calculated from shifts worked, eliminating all manual calculations and errors, and ensuring staff are always paid correctly.

Results summary

  • Payroll processing reduced from 1 day to 2 hours per week
  • Leave processing reduced from 5 hours to 0 per week
  • A payroll system that can be relied on to calculate hours correctly
  • Elimination of employee requests
  • Enhanced visibility for the HR and Payroll teams

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